Novices/beginners please click here.

All others:

Please email the membership secretary or trials manager indicating that you are enquiring about joining the club. We will contact you as soon as possible.

This Club is run by Coaches, Teachers, Members and Parents working on a voluntary basis. If you decide to join us we hope that you feel you would like to get involved in some way.

What will happen when I make a new membership enquiry?

Someone will contact you and ask a few relevant questions e.g. prospective swimmer's age, address, telephone number and previous club experience and/or current level of swimming ability. This is all standard procedure.

Your details will then be passed on to the TRIALS MANAGER who will arrange a mutually convenient time when you can bring your son/daughter for a trial swim with one of our coaches.

If the trial is successful, and a place is available, your son/daughter will be allocated to the appropriate squad, for which there is a fee payable. The current fees can be found by clicking here.
If no place is currently available, you will be placed on the waiting list.
There will be ongoing assessment of your child's progress, and any problems that may arise will be brought to your attention by the appropriate squad coach. Likewise, we hope you will do the same.

Please be aware that joining RNSS is a big commitment for both swimmer and family in terms of time and energy. Your child will be expected to attend the required number of sessions, whenever possible, and also be available for galas when requested.

We are not a child-care service, and family involvement, however small, is welcomed and expected.

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