When starting at a new club such as RNSS it can be a daunting time for both swimmers and parents. The following notes are aimed at reducing the time in learning about the club and how competitive swimming works.

1) The main club notice board is in the reception area at Highgrove. This notice board contains information on training, competitions and administration. There are other notice boards at Merchant Taylors and Northwood College. However, Northwood College only has a small notice board and so will only contain general information about the club. Merchant Taylors will have more information but may be more administration oriented.

2) This handbook provides some of the information required by new starters but is not all information. If you want further information, first look on the notice boards and then try squad reps or coaches. Their names and pictures should be up on the main notice board at Highgrove. Make sure that you know who the squad rep is for your child and that you introduce yourself so that they know your face. They will be trying to find you during the year to hand out and collect gala entries, etc.

3) Going to your first competition can be a worry, especially Open meets where you will have to find your way there and post entry cards at the meet. At Open meets there should always be a RNSS coach or helper (usually on poolside) who you can approach if you not sure what to do. Always make sure that your entry cards are posted when you first enter the building. If they are posted late you may not be able to swim.

4) At team galas there will be a team manager and often a bus to take the team to the gala. Again, introduce yourself to the team manager so that they know your face and do not be late if the bus has to leave by a certain time. Also, remember that organising teams for galas is a difficult task so if selected please reply in good time. If there are circumstances that arise which means that you cannot attend, again, let the team manager know well in advance. One or two days notice when you have known for several days is not only inconsiderate but causes difficulties in finding replacements at short notice.



Listed below are the items of kit required for training sessions and competitions.
All items listed are available to purchase from the RNSS shop at Highgrove Pool on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

1. Swimming Costume x 2
2. Goggles x 2
3. Swimming Hat
4. Pull Buoy
5. Kickboard
6. Fins
7. Plastic Drinks Bottle
8. Towel

Remember to name all items of swimwear with a waterproof marker. Swimming costumes will soon wear out with the amount of training being done. Please buy costumes to fit and not grow into. Only wear your club swimwear for competition/galas not for training.

1. Gala Entry Card (where necessary)
2. ASA Membership Card
3. Club 'T' Bag (Black & red)
4. Club costume (Black & red)
5. Club swimming hat (Black & white)
6. Goggles x 2
7. Towels x 2
8. Plastic Drinks Bottle
9. Poolside Footwear

All swimmers representing RNSS at meets are expected to wear Club (Black/Red) Colours.

Open Meets
This is where you swim as an individual although you are still representing RNSS. Entry forms are given to swimmers who are considered suitable for this type of meet. You must complete the entry form fully and return with your remittance by the closing date required. If you require assistance in completing your form e.g. entry times, please ask your coach who will be able to help. Failure to complete the entry form correctly or return by the latest closing date will result in you being rejected for that meet.
If your entry is accepted, you will receive entry cards (normally pink for girls and blue for boys) for each individual event you have entered. These cards must be 'posted' when you arrive at the meet. If you are unsure where to post the entry cards, ask an older swimmer or parent. Remember, no entry cards, no swim. Do not forget them.
When at poolside there will be a club coach and parent to help you.

Novice Meets
These meets are for the less experienced club swimmers who have not been placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, at any meet above Club level. The meets promoters rules may bar swimmers from a particular event or distance or from any strokes or stroke.

Championships / Designated Open Meets
An Open Meet where entry times and standard of swimming is much higher.

Graded or Time-Banded Meets and Galas
These are aimed at swimmers of a particular ability. A 'must not swim faster' time is given for each event and all swimmers entered must not swim faster than this time.

Team Galas
Throughout the calendar year, you will be invited to represent RNSS at one or more of these galas. Galas are for all swimmers affiliated to the club and cover all age groups and all abilities. You will find a fixture list on the main notice board at Highgrove Pool.
Selection of swimmers for all team galas is made by the Team Managers in conjunction with the coaches based upon attendance and recorded times.

RNSS is a competitive swimming club; therefore, swimmers are required to fulfil an obligation to participate in 80% of Meets and Team Galas they may be invited to.
All invitations given to swimmers are recorded and failure to comply with the meet/gala criteria may result in a swimmer being asked to leave the club as they are considered not to be competitive


Qualification Times
If the time stated has been achieved, the swimmer is guaranteed a swim. A term very rarely used nowadays as the ASA has very strict rules regarding the length of a session at Open Meets.

Consideration Times
Slowest time required for entry. Even entering a better/faster time does not guarantee a swim because this may depend on the total number of entries and limitations at the pool being used.

BEWARE: putting in a faster time than you can swim may gain you entry but if you are significantly slower on the day you or your club may be required to give a reason.

Recorded Times
A time achieved at any Time Trial, Gala or Open Meet where the rules and conditions of the ASA. have been applied.

No Time Entry (NT)
Where a time has not been recorded for a stroke or distance. At certain Open Meets these entries can be submitted, but not where qualification / consideration times apply.

Age Group Events
Age as at 31st December in the year of competition. Whether born in January, June or December the month makes no difference.

Open Age Events
Entry is not restricted to any specific age group. Position in event will be purely on entry time submitted.

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