RNSS operates 4 sections for swimmers: Development, Junior, Youth and Senior.
Swimmers are separated into the different areas depending on age and ability.
Within these areas, swimmers are separated into squads:



Mini Stars
Those developing skills at a slightly lower level than Rising Stars.

Rising Stars
Those developing basic skills ready to start training.

Typically, these swimmers are under the age of 9. Their physique is still developing and they are not yet able to cope with strenuous training. More technical work is required as these swimmers are new to the sport.


Junior Development
Those who need to develop technique a little more before training fully.

Junior Potential
Swimmers competing at county development level.

Junior County
Swimmers competing at county or Diddy level.

Typically aged 9-12. These swimmers are still developing but are now able to handle low-level training in order for their aerobic system to develop so that they can train fully. There is still a high requirement of technical work mainly due to inexperience and immaturity.


Youth Potential
Swimmers competing at county development level.

Youth County
Swimmers competing at county and district level.

Typically aged 11-15. These swimmers are now at a point where their techniques are most set. Less experienced swimmers will need more time spent on technique than experienced ones. The main requirement of training is to develop the aerobic system in order to provide a platform for later development. Missed aerobic work at this age can never be fully recovered as the body grows most at this point hence the emphasis on aerobic development.


Senior County
Older swimmers competing at county and district level.

These swimmers are 14 and over and are now becoming fully developed. Swimmers power is greatly improved and often this is where times begin to improve heavily on sprint events. At this age swimmers therefore need to spend more time training their anaerobic fitness on longer sprints.

Junior Masters
older swimmers training for fitness and social reasons.

These swimmers are typically aged 16 and over. They have chosen to reduce their commitment to competitive swimming but retain an active involvement in the club.

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